We Back Once More & Plan To End It OFF with a BANG!!!

Come Through to the Final BLCK FRDY as We BLCK OUT With The Hip Hop and tend to more pressing matters such as academics. 
We have a whole lot in store for you with this one as we plan to make it super special. 

This one is dedicated to everyone who has missed the passed 3 Awesome BLCK FRDYS & For Those Who have always wanted to check em out.

Our Line-Up Features:
Sabelo Mkhabela
Andy Mkosi
The Fam 
& Many More other Dope Cats of Cape Town. 

+We Also have an Open Mic Competition & The Winner (Which Will be chosen by you the audience) will win a session of recording. (More details to follow)

+ & I’m Sure You Know Buddha-Mlungisi Kunene right??? Cool. well he was working with Khuli Chana on a BlackBerry Competition & The Lines will Open This Week. More details to follow & Tweet him at @BudDha_MK with the hashtag #BudDha4BB

The event is FREE & Has Cool Prizes.
Hosted by X The Green Panther with our resident dj WiLDEBEATS
Zevolis Bar at Rondebosch. 

Don’t Miss The BLCK OUT 
Tweet Us #BLCKFRDY19OCT #BBMessengers #BudDha4BB 
@XdaGreenPanther & @OreoGill


Comin’ at ya from the 031 shores, X da Green Panther is breaking out in your city. Watch this space for more news on this exciting young talent.

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